Decisions of the Arbitration Panel issued on 14 January 2016 are online

The decisions of the Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution issued on 14 January 2016 are online. These decisions can be found in the Arbitration Panel’s online database, which contains all of the Panel’s decisions. Clicking on the decision number takes you to a detailed view of the decision, which contains the press release and the anonymized decision in full.

So far, the Arbitration Panel has decided on 1,596 of the 2,286 applications filed for in rem restitution. Of these, around one third met the formal requirements (ownership in 1938 and public ownership in 2001) for a substantive examination. Around one fifth of these substantive applications (137) were decided positively, i.e. the Arbitration Panel recommended in rem restitution. The total value of the properties recommended for restitution by the Arbitration Panel so far comes to an estimated 47 million euros. Approx. 9 million euros of this amount was awarded in the form of a comparable asset (financial compensation). Detailed information can be found in the procedural statistics of the Arbitration Panel.