Decision no. 1516/2018



Applicant, Status

Samuel S., Dismissal

Type of property

movable and immovable

Real estate in

unspecified real estate

Movable property

not further specified movable objects






15 Mar 2018



Decision in anonymous form

Brief summary

In this case an application was filed for in rem restitution of tangible movable assets for Jewish communal organizations. The application was not filed by a Jewish communal organization or its legal successor and as a result had to be dismissed as it did not fall under the Arbitration Panel's scope of competence. Furthermore an application was also filed for in rem restitution of properties for which no specific address was stated. The Arbitration Panel was able to identify one or more properties that could be related to the claim. However, on the cut-off date, 17 January 2001, these properties were not publicly-owned as defined by General Settlement Fund Law. Therefore, as there was no property eligible for restitution, the application had to be dismissed.