Statistical Report on the Proceedings before the Claims Committee as at 4 November 2019


Applications received within the deadline 20,702
Persons whose losses were asserted 37,623
Claims [1] 151,949

Application processing

Historical research

Files/documents from archives 41,796
Historical land register excerpts 19,624
Inquiries regarding insurance policies 10,902

Applications decided

Applications decided 20,702
Applications for which compensation was awarded 18,155
Applications for which no compensation was awarded 2,547
Claims for which compensation was awarded 103,425
Claims for which no compensation was awarded 48,524
Recourse (review) [2] no longer possible 20,702
Decisions on recourse (review) 551
Decisions after reopening [3] 1,523

Co-heirs [4]

Applicants who have extended their applications to include co-heirs 1,769
Co-heirs 3,270

The search for heirs

Deceased applicants whose heirs [5] could be established 4,233
Established heirs 7,132
Deceased applicants whose heirs are being traced 0


Advance payments [6]

Advance payments 18,169
Applicants 13,951
Heirs 1,874
Co-heirs 2,344

Closing payments

Closing payments 22,322
Applicants 13,251
Heirs 5,917
Co-heirs 3,154
Applications not yet fully disbursed 12
Applications not fully disbursed involving claims now expired under the statute of limitations 1117
  1. This figure differs to previously published figures due to the application of a revised statistical method.
  2. Applications for a renewed decision pursuant to Sec. 17 of the General Settlement Fund Law and Sec. 18 of the Rules of Procedure of the Claims Committee.
  3. Sec. 17 (5) of the Rules of Procedure of the Claims Committee.
  4. Applicants can allow claims of their co-heirs - these are further people who are heirs of people who originally suffered the losses - to be transferred to them and assert these claims before the Claims Committee, insofar as these co-heirs have not filed an application themselves.
  5. Heirs and other persons authorized to continue the proceedings (e.g. executors).
  6. Advance payments were made from December 2005 to July 2009. Elderly applicants were prioritized as long as their claim amounted to a minimum of 500 USD. As a result of an adjustment to the counting method for heirs and co-heirs, as of 26 November 2014 the number of advance payments and closing payments has slightly increased.